Creating the Elio Home stand for KIFF2023 is a painstaking and difficult process involving dozens of people. And considering the result, the effort was really worth it!


This is a timeless interior in which nothing is superfluous, and all elements are in perfect harmony.

The ELIO HOME brand creates furniture by studying and imitating nature. We find inspiration in natural textures, colors and lines, and try to reproduce them in our products. This combination allows creating furniture that adds harmony and perfection of nature to the high-speed life of modern people.

ELIO HOME furniture is aesthetic and functional, it fits perfectly into the living space and meets all needs of the owners. The interior lives and changes together with the owners, fills up with their emotions and helps to create that ideal space called “HOME”.


30 years of work experience allowed us to reach a high level of professionalism. That is why we are able to realise complex and bold design ideas.

The ELIO factory with modern equipment provides a full production cycle to fulfill orders of any complexity. The factory’s equipment allows working with such materials as: wood, glass, aluminum, natural stone, leather and textiles. Our experts also carry out an individual selection of exclusive materials and fittings for project tasks.

ELIO provides high-precision laser 3D measurements for its customers anywhere in the world, which allows to fully reproduce the visual and digital image of the entire interior with the possibility of conducting 3D tours.

To implement the concept of a single space, we offer a full range of furniture and interior solutions: interior doors and sliding partitions, wall panels, wardrobe systems, dressers, showcases, kitchen furniture.

We work all over the world and have implemented projects in Europe, the USA, and the UAE.
Our managers accompany each project at every stage and have experience in cooperation with related contractors.

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