Marina Cherkashina

A member of the Ukrainian Union of Designers.
Education: Master of Architecture, KNUCA (Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture).

Our cooperation with ELIO began in 2014 with the creation of several models of kitchens in the middle price segment, and this experience was successful. The joint product has received recognition from customers and awards from the jury of various international competitions. This successful collaboration has evolved into a long-term cooperation. As an art director, I accompany all production lines of the company, but the most valuable experience I received, becoming a member of the team that created the new brand ELIO HOME. Working on the naming, product line, catalog and exhibition stand, I can say with confidence that the new brand is worthy to compete in the international arena with famous brands of the world level.

Dmitry Novikov

Ukrainian graphic and industrial designer.
He received a diploma in transport and industrial design at IED Turin (Instituto Europeo di Design, Torino, Italia).
Winner and prize-winner of international and Ukrainian competitions.

We have been acquainted with ELIO for a long time. Cosmopolitanism in design and representation of collections of the brand at various exhibitions, self-sufficiency. It seemed to me that design was always a key factor for the ELIO. First of all, the design speaks to us about the main consumer values of furniture.
And one day, I had the opportunity not only to watch the company from the sideline, but also to work with this team!
Design is the art of wonderment!
I hope to pleasantly surprise admirers of ELIO HOME more than once, but the company surprised me by its receptiveness to bold ideas, dynamism and a high bar of ideas.