The AIR LINE wardrobe is a new collaboration between ELIO HOME and the R&D team. The new generation of the wardrobe system is the embodiment of minimalism and clear lines. Air Line is visually light, but has retained the reliability and thoughtfulness of the design. It allows to maintain perfect order in the wardrobe and easily find the necessary things.

Thanks to the modernized thin profile of the frame, the AIR LINE wardrobe system has got more sophisticated lines. The outer corners with facades have a thin seams — only 6 mm. This unique property makes the wardrobe aesthetically perfect, visually even more spacious and weightless.

True comfort comes from invisible details. A series of retractable aluminum frames that can change their purpose between a drawer with trouser holders, an accessory box and a laundry basket have been developed to keep your items and time in order. Trouser holders, drawers and clothing rods are decorated with eco-leather, adding tactile sensations through touch.

Organizing space has become even easier. All elements have become much more convenient inside. Accessories and jewelry can be stored under glass in a showcase. New glass shelves with a thickness of only 14 mm with integrated LED lighting add even more lightness and emphasize all the elegant lines of the wardrobe system, while remaining reliable and resistant to loads.

Soft internal lighting allows each item in the wardrobe to be highlighted, becoming an ornament in the interior.

The aluminum profile of the new facades makes it possible to use all the usual materials for decoration: veneer, leather, glass, mirror or painting.

The wardrobe can be supplemented with an island made in a single style, which will add perfection to the entire composition. The internal filling of the island can be adapted to any need, in order to organize the storage of important things in the best way.


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