The philosophy of ELIO HOME is an interior without unnecessary effects, harmony of simple shapes, textures and colours. Their ideal balance creates a balance in everyday life.

Furniture compositions of ELIOHOME fill the interior with images of nature, the beauty of its forms and materials. Like the four elements, the company’s designers use wood, stone, glass and metal. The name of the models is Carbon, Rock, Wind, Shade, Air and Otium.

FURNITURE FOR KITCHENS AND BATHROOMS is the heart of ELIO HOME. This is a space for daily rituals, and by organizing it you turn simple actions into meditation. Here the function and aesthetics are in perfect balance.

WARDROBES, DOORS ANS WALL PANELS complement the interior composition, create a single whole image.

The interior of ELIO HOME lives with the owners, breathes their emotions, their philosophy of the ideal world, the SINGLE PERFECT SPACE, which is called “HOME”.