AIR 5 is a dressing room elegantly finished by milky eco-leather with accents of the color champagne.This storage system is designed for a couple.Particular attention is paid to the women’s wardrobe, which calls for a comfortable placement of dresses, handbags, shoes and accessories.Sliding OTIUM translucent panels are made from triplex glass with metal stainless wire.Open storage systems with blind sidewalls are recessed in niches.A separate functional unit serves as an island for the storage of accessories with a glass countertop display and drawers, the bottom of which is decorated with eco-leather.An elegant touch is vertical geometric milling on the facades of drawers.

The photo features the system in the colour champagne with matte painting (see table), the finish of the back wall is eco-leather (see table), the side walls of the cabinet are lacquered matte panels.


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